Virtual Services Tips

Providing Virtual Services

Thank you for your support! Your presence is greatly appreciated and allows the expectant mother to have an experience that is positive and increases her safety and wellbeing. Below are some tips to help you help your client, as her Virtual Doula.

1. Research

Be sure to call the hospital and inquire about any policy changes and inform your clients, anything that will be beneficial to the client prior to them arriving at the hospital

2. Meet

Prior to the delivery, virtually meet with the client and her partner or support team to discuss any questions they may have, review their birth plan, and provide advice on how the support team can assist.

3. Practice

Before labor and during meetings, practice breathing techniques with the client and encourage the partner or caregiver to practice them with you. Provide videos for the mom and partner or caregiver to exercise on their own time.

Have the caregiver or partner create a mini version of a doula bag for them to help the client.

4. Connection

Provide instructions to mom and her partner or caregiver on how to connect with you virtually during the labor. Be sure to discuss the best method of connection (Duo, Facetime, WhatsApp video, etc.). In addition, remind mom and partner to make sure that the nurse and others on the hospital birth team are aware of your presence as a Virtual Doula. Not all of them have worked with doulas, so this might take some special attention on your part.

5. Labor

Although you are virtually present, be sure to participate as though you are in the room. Remember to offer words of encouragement and provide any assistance to the client.