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Meet Our Volunteer Doulas

Tammie Best

Tammie Oliver

Tammie Oliver was born and raised in Stamford, CT. She was the only girl and the youngest of the four children in her home, where she was exposed to, and overcame sexual abuse; temporarily leading her down a difficult path that led to her becoming a mother by the age of 14. However, with the love and guidance of a teacher, and a local teen parenting program, she continued her education. As a result, she learned the value of having a strong support system; and her desire to support others in overcoming adversity was birthed.

By the age of 17 she began penning her first book entitled, Secret Survivor Her-story, (featured on CBN’s 700 club and Chanel 12 Our Lives). This was Tammie’s testimony, which she shared for the sole purpose of helping others overcome such trauma. The outpouring and support for this work inspired her to write a self-help book, Reigning after the Rain, (Living Freely After Abuse) all while raising and homeschooling five children who at the time were aged 15, 12, 5, 3 and 1.

15 years later, while witnessing the birth of her first grand-daughter Tammie Jr., Tammie had an epiphany. She couldn’t imagine anyone’s daughter going through labor and delivery alone; and she decided to become a labor and delivery Doula. While going through the CAPPA International certification process, Tammie became a member of the Emory Urban Health Initiative. There, under the mentorship of Carolyn Aidman, PhD, CLD, she developed and honed her skills as a Doula, and was given the opportunity to serve the local community. She’s pledged to help as many women as possible, to have a peaceful and empowering birth experience. It is her experiences with the Urban Heath Initiative that drove her to expand her scope of practice to include Pregnancy Fitness Specialist, Lactation Counselor and Childbirth Educator. More recently, she started a career in corrections, where she hopes to improve the rights of incarcerated mothers during labor.

Tammie attributes her nurturing nature to her great grandmother Bessie Harris; a midwife from Pitt County NC credited with delivering close to 1,000 babies; 10 of whom were her very own grandchildren. She hopes to continue passing this legacy, to her own children.

Belinda Landaverde

Belinda Landaverde

Belinda Landaverde is an undergraduate student at Arizona State University  majoring in Integrative Health Sciences. She is a certified medical assistant and has worked an OBGYN. She is currently working towards her labor and postpartum doula certification. She has a passion and interest for women’s and holistic health.

On her time off Belinda enjoys exploring local businesses and cuddles from her Labrador pup and her rescued cat.

Fun fact: Belinda is of Salvadoran descent. She is fluent in speaking, reading and writing Spanish.

Picture of Dr. Carolyn Aidman

Carolyn Aidman

Carolyn Aidman, PhD, CLD, develops programs, engages, and mentors Emory and other universities’ faculty, staff, student, and community members as volunteers, interns, and Fellows. She attracts them to initiatives such as Atlanta Doula Connect.

She focuses on maternal mortality and morbidity, and supports healthy pregnancy spacing, which encourages delaying a second pregnancy until the first child is at least 18 months old and walking.

Aidman received the 2015 Emory University Distinguished Staff Award and the Emory University 2017 Award for Mentorship. She is a graduate of the Partnership for Southern Equity’s Atlanta Resident Leaders for Equity Academy, 2021.


Dr. Aidman is a CAPPA and Before and After Certified Labor Doula who has been assisting at births since 1971 in birth centers, hospitals, and at homes.

Ashlee Huff

Ashlee Kuchar

Ashlee attended college at the University of North Georgia and studied Biology. She has her professional CDA certification in infant and toddler development. She is currently working on her postpartum Doula certification via DONA international and is active in the Atlanta Doula Community. She thoroughly enjoys supporting birthing persons before, during and after the postpartum period and is an entrepreneur owning ARK Doula Services, LLC. She has also provided years of privately contracted nanny services for families with infants and toddlers. When she is not pursuing her passion as a Doula and volunteering, she is working at a preschool that implements the Reggio Emilia approach for early childhood development and is endlessly studying the multiple intelligences in which children interpret the world.

Fun Fact: She enjoys collecting exotic indoor plants!

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 10.39.48 AM

Megan Dahl

Megan became a doula out of her passion for women’s health. She has been a doula for 5 years in Michigan, Pittsburgh, and is thrilled to continue this work in Atlanta. She loves advocating for birthing persons and promoting overall health in her community. Megan is currently a medical student at Emory School of Medicine and plans to become an ob/gyn. Outside of doula work, Megan enjoys running, cooking, and reading.

Outside of doula work, Megan enjoys running, cooking, and reading


Channing "Jade" Davis

Channing, also known around Atlanta as “Jade”,  is the owner of Jaded Esthetics & Beauty Bar, and she is so glad to be part of Atlanta Doula Connect! She is a CANCER SURVIVOR going into her 9th year and was not afforded the opportunity to have her own kids, but she always had a love for all things pregnancy, childbirth, and even kids/babies. Being part of such a great organization will allow her to still connect to and support mothers in a way that she has always wanted to. She also will be become a doula this year and is very excited!


Elizabeth Pierre-Louis Seraphin

Elizabeth Pierre-Louis Seraphin is a current undergraduate student at Spelman college majoring in Health Science. As a labor and delivery doula, she passionate about helping pregnant people advocate for their birth, and she excited to become a certified DONA doula. From there, she plans on becoming a postpartum doula and lactation consultant as well so her expertise in the knowledge of pregnancy/birth can be well rounded. Longterm, she would like to pursue a Ph.D. in nutrition, specializing in helping both men and women optimize their health for conceiving.

Fun Fact: She has a minor in dance!

AlishaBrown pscp - Alisha B

Alisha Brown

Alisha is a mother of five, a birth and postpartum doula with midwifery experience, and a student and teacher. Alisha’s calling to birth work began over 23 years ago while pregnant with her third child as she prepared for her first home birth. The support she received during labor and delivery inspired her to share the wealth of encouragement, soothing touch, breath support, and advocacy. 


Alisha is in love with chocolate. She also enjoys nature, hiking, good music, books, and podcasts. 

F5952094-4639-430F-9B6D-AEA54FCF1910 - Deja Austin

Deja Austin

Deja is a mom of two young boys. Along with a plethora of other things, she is working on her M.S in Forensic Psychology. She loves helping others in any aspect. 

Deja’s hobbies include DIY activities, trying new foods, and being out in nature.

Nanella Doula images - Nanella Haynes

Nanella Haynes

Nanella Haynes is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has been working in the birth world for 16 years and received her training from the National Black Doula Association under the mentorship of CEO Traci Collins. She is also a Perinatal Patient Navigator and received her certification from the Morehouse School of Medicine under the Maternal Equity Program.  .

She loves art and has incorporated it into her services by offering prenatal belly painting and belly or bust casting. 

Screenshot_20220127-141236 - Tamekia Shumpert

Tamekia Shumpert

Tamekia became a doula due to her love for pregnancy, babies, and parenting. She enjoys supporting women planning their pregnancy, as well as supporting before, during and after postpartum. She has experience as a sitter and caregiver. She also has 20 years of experience as a case manager in various areas, such as the mental health field and working with the homeless population. 

She enjoys walking, yoga, pilates, and traveling. When she isn’t working, you can find her reading about herbs, real estate, and finances. 

701E05F4-E6C1-4634-8805-DB54011C4308 - Carmeceia R (1)

Carmeceia Reid

Carmeceia is a Cardiovascular Surgical Assistant at Emory St. Joseph Hospital. She has been in healthcare for over 20 years. 
Working in healthcare, she has seen a lot of disparity and realized that she wiped a lot of tears through her years of service. She wants to help families through both the birthing and postpartum process. She plans to get her certifications in Childbirth Education and as a Lactation Educator.


She loves traveling and volunteering in the community. 

232EDED8-7E51-4B9A-8D75-2C7914935758 - Heather Dobbs (1)

Heather Dobbs

Heather Dobbs is a birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and birth trauma survivor. A Georgia native, she is passionate about helping all families—particularly BIPOC, low-income, and rural families—feel informed and empowered during and after childbirth. Her training includes programs with Lifespan Doulas, DONA, Birthing from Within, and the Morehouse School of Medicine’s Perinatal Patient Navigator certification. She is a wife and a mother of two young children.

Heather is an avid reader who has lost count of how many books she owns. She also paints, writes, and makes jewelry in her spare time.