Helping with Labor and Delivery

Helping with Labor and Delivery

Welcome! The role that you play during this time is extremely important. Your pregnant loved one will be depending on you during this experience. To make this process a bit easier for you, we have created some tips to assist you.

1. Research

Be sure to research hospital requirements prior to labor and delivery. Make sure you are aware of any policy changes that may be useful for you and the expectant mother to know.

2. Practice

Rehearse breathing, pain-relieving, and relaxing techniques with the mother prior.

In addition, exercise massage techniques on the mother to find her preferred places of massage (lower back, neck, hands, feet, etc.). These techniques will help the mother during labor.

Below are short videos for you to use:

Massage (3.5 min)

8 Positions to Ease Labor Pain (3 min)

Breathing Techniques (5 min)

3. Helper’s Bag

With the assistance of your Doula, create a mini doula bag. This bag will include items that will help the mother during labor.

Here are a few suggestions for your bag: 

  • Massage oils
  • A sock ball filled with rice soaked in fragrances
  • Food and snacks to nourish you as mom is resting

4. Labor

This is the part where you will be hugely needed. Prepare to be hands-on, speak words of encouragement, use breathing and massage techniques, and help mom change positions when she becomes uncomfortable. 

Women in labor have mood and need changes. These are not predictable. One minute you are pressing on the right pressure point, and the next minute she is shouting because it isn’t the right spot anymore. Do not feel bad. Just ask her to help you find the right place.

Your Virtual Doula will probably be with you 8 hours at a time. Depending on where the mother is in the delivery, she may have another Doula join you for 4 hours, while she takes a break.

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